• Sunarin Capsules

    Ayurvedic treatment for anal maladies & piles.

    Sunarin Capsules :

    1. Relieves constipation, checks “gas” formation, regulates bowel habits.
    2. Regularises liver functions & overcomes portal congestion.
    3. Relaxes distention & painful discomfort at the junction of rectum & anus.
    4. Checks bleeding & prevents blood losses.
    5. Overcomes venous stasis and tones up venous walls.
    6. Combat & cure hemorrhoids, anal fissures, rectal inflammation & piles.

    Sunarin Capsules contains :

    1. Vekhand, Belkachari, Suran, Chitrak & Hirda : Relieves constipation & regulates bowels.
    2. Kuda, Indrajav, Vekhand, Sunth & Mire : Improves liver function, relieves portal congestion and also have anti-flatulent action.
    3. Suran, Chitrak, Mocharas & Shankhjeera : Improves tone of anal region.
    4. Belkachari, Kajjali, Kuda, Suran & Indrajav : Possess healing properties, they also overcome stasis.
    5. Nagkeshar, Kuda, Indrajav, Mocharas,Suran & Kajjali : Possesses hemostatic and styptic actions.

    Indications :

    Internal & External piles, Stasis in rectal region, Rectal inflammation, post operatively to check pile and fistula in-ano.

    Contra-Indications :

    Pregnancy & Hypersenstivity to any ingredient.


    Each Capsule Contains
    Indrajav(Seeds-Holarrhena antidysenterica)20mg.
    Suran(Amorphophallus campanulatus)30mg.
    Shankhjeera(Silicate of Magnesia)25mg.
    Mocharas(Bombax malabaricum)15mg.
    Nagkeshar(Mesua Ferrea)25mg.
    Belkachari(Aegle marmelos)25mg.
    Vekhand(Acorus calamus)25mg.
    Chitrak(Plumbago zeylanica)20mg.
    Hirada(Terminalia chebula)30mg.
    Sunth(Zingiber officinale)20mg.
    Mire(Piper nigrum)20mg.
    Kuda(Holarrhena antidusenterica)30mg.
    Kajjali(Generic preparation)15mg.


    Dosage :

    A1-2 Capsules 3 times daily.

    Presentation :

    3 Strips of 30 Capsules / 500 capsules container.


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