• Palsinuron Capsules

    • An ancient remedy for neuro – muscular disorders associated with CNS & PNS.

    An ancient remedy for neuro – muscular disorders associated with CNS & PNS.

    Palsinuron Capsules :

    1. Improves metabolic processes in CNS & PNS, activates neuro- muscular communication.
    2. Regulates blood supply in affected areas, overcomes anoxia, stimulates cerebro-neural activity.
    3. Promotes healing of damaged nerves & blood vessels, Recanalises blood vessels.
    4. Provides nutrition support to nervers & bloos vessels.

    Palsinuron Capsules contains :

    1. Mahavatvidhwans : Improves metabolism of CNS & PNS, co-ordinates neuro muscular activity.
    2. Sameerpannag : Improves tissue oxidation, overcomes anoxia, noramalizes neuro-muscular metabolism.
    3. Ekangveer ras : Promotes healing of damaged nervers & blood vessels. recanalise blood vessels, activate sensory & motor functions.
    4. Sootshekhar : Provides nutritional support for faster healing of damaged organells.
    5. Lajari : Regenerative effect on neuro-lesions.
    6. Khurasani Owa : Checks neuro-irritation.

    Indications :

    Neuro-muscular disorders of CNS & PNS, Hemiplegia, General Paralysis, Facial Palsy, Hand Shoulder syndrome, Convulsions, Whole Body Stiffness, Neurasthenia, Sciatica, Neuralgia, Cramps in calf, Myalgia & other Neuro-Muscular Problems.

    Contra-Indications :

    Pregnancy,Lactation, Hypersensitivity to any ingredient, Renal failure, liver cirrhosis.

    Each Capsule Contains
    Mahavatvidhwans(Generic Preparation)60mg.
    Sameerpannag(Generic Preparation)60mg.
    Ekangveer Ras(Generic Preparation)60mg.
    Sootshekhar(Generic Preparation)60mg.
    Khurasani Owa(Hyoscyamus niger)60mg.
    Lajari(Mimosa pudica)60mg.


    Dosage :

    1 Capsule 2-3 times daily. Sublingual administration with honey produces quicker absorption.

    Presentation :

    4 Strips of 30 Capsules / 500 capsules


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